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  ERP Training,march 24,2018 2018-4-29 16:00:15
   On March 24, 2018, our company organized kingdee ERP training to further improve the management level of our company.
  Intermodal Asia 2018 in Shanghai 2018-3-23 10:21:23
   On March 20, 2018, the company participated in the inter Asia exhibition, opening the international market with remarkable results.
  Routine safety training 2018-3-8 17:15:40
   The purpose of safety training is to improve the safety quality of the staff; Improve the awareness of the majority of workers on the importance of production safety, enhance the sense of responsibility for production safety; Improve the consciousness of the majority of workers to comply with r...
  New Year's Day dinner, January 1,2018 2018-1-14 12:25:01
   Come on! Come on! Strive upstream! Let's encourage each other: life, struggle! Let's wish each other a happy family and all the best! May all of you in the new year Physical and mental health long yi, peaceful long in; Life is delicious, share tianlun! Let's use simple sweat, for fruitful r...
  Safety training of all employees, December, 2017 2018-1-12 11:50:31
   Life is like tide, life is precious, in the face of every day in a hurry; We have no choice but to do it with our heart and bring peace with our participation; Between good fortune and bad luck, build a thick barrier for life, this is the original intention of the workshop for safety work will ne...
  Spring outing,May,2017 2017-5-12 11:44:11
   In may 2017, the company organized employees Liyang Nanshan bamboo sea, Yixing Daigakuji outing spring outing.
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