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  Summary of knowledge on common problems in precision casting process 2018-6-3 7:42:04
  It is believed that most people now know that stainless steel precision casting, also called investment casting and wax film casting, is widely used in all kinds of castings, but a series of problems are inevitable in the casting process. precision casting First question: Hammer head jammed Solu...
  Recovery of new shipbuilding market; ship prices continue to rise in the next th... 2018-6-3 7:34:46
  The recovery of ship operating income will promote the recovery of new shipbuilding activities, while the increase of shipyard costs and the continuous squeeze of production capacity are pushing up the price of new shipbuilding. Stuart nicoll, an analyst at consulting firm maritime strategies inter...
  Steel castings vs steel forgings 6 big contrast 2018-6-3 7:31:39
  Steel castings often have more advantages than steel forgings, or weld steel parts under any of the following circumstances: 1. there must be an unusual chemical reaction ( i.e. this is not a chemical reaction often occurring in steel plants ) 2. the processed parts are relatively large and the ca...
  Ship price rises but steel price, shipbuilding cost pressure is difficult to res... 2018-6-3 7:27:21
  The price of ships cannot rise but that of steel. this problem not only troubles Chinese shipping companies, but also makes life difficult for Koreans ... From may 7 to 14, the price of China's major shipping board trading market rose slightly. Specifically, on may 14, the average price of 10mm pla...
  Common defects in solid casting and their solutions 2018-6-3 7:17:05
  I wrinkled skin Features and positions: there are surface defects such as corrugated wrinkled skin, slag - sandwiched wrinkled skin, and cold - separated wrinkled skin. It is usually located on the upper surface or side of iron castings. This defect is unique to iron castings. Ii. carbon film Fea...
  Use and manufacturing process of container corner pieces 2018-4-29 16:32:21
  Modern society logistics transportation in order to facilitate and reduce costs, often use container transportation. The fixed part that serves to connect the trailer and the container at eight corners during transport is the corner piece of the container. Thus, corner pieces for the stability of th...
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