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  Changzhou NEWE Machinery Parts Co.,Ltd. is a newly-built company, which produces container corner and other related container fittings. Because of the development of company, executives are wanted.

  1.Career Opportunities:

  The company needs one general manager, one supervisor, several deputy managers, administrators and directors.

  2.Recruitment Requirements:

  Applicants must be 50 years old below with college degree or above and have sense of responsibility. If applicants have the experience of management, you have an advantage over others.

  3.Career Benefits:

  The salary ranges from 10000 to 20000 yuan if the applicants is admitted. The company offers five insurance and accommodation.


  Powei, ShangHuang Town, LiYang City,Jiangsu Province(S239 provincial road)


   Mobile:+86-13815081716(Ms.Gu)  Tel:+86-0519-87392788  E-mail:office@newecasting.com

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