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Development of container corner industry
    In recent years, with the increase of raw and auxiliary materials, energy prices and container corner prices continue to fall, container corner enterprises are facing a severe test. Under the severe situation, container corner enterprises must strive to improve the level of product design, innovative product development concept, mining the advantages and potential of container corner technology, reduce manufacturing costs, improve the competitiveness of enterprises to participate in the international market.
    Through the research on the new technology of container corner molding, not only the market competitiveness of container corner molding enterprises can be improved, but also the production efficiency of small and medium-sized mold manufacturing enterprises in molding manufacturing can be improved.
The development goal of container corner industry is the following aspects:
    First, complete in the growth mode from labor, resource intensive to technology and capital intensive transformation, from extensive pollution to green intensive transformation, the quality of the product, varieties, quantity and the world advanced level, the proportion of high quality materials increased rapidly, the whole container corner factory production efficiency, economic benefits doubled; Environmental pollution has been effectively controlled, and China's foundry material industry system has been initially established in harmony with the environment.
    Second, the formation of some reasonable structure, the overall level of high-level research and development and education and training base, can continue to convey professional talents to enterprises, and constantly develop new varieties of high quality and high grade casting materials, meet the growing needs of casting materials, and gradually increase the intensity of technology export.
    Third, to complete the adjustment of industrial structure, eliminate a number of low level of technology, product quality is poor, serious pollution, poor economic benefits of small container corner factory, the formation of a relatively concentrated " small giant" and " star enterprise", to achieve " professional, large-scale production. Especially to emerge one or two can compete with the world famous enterprise backbone enterprises, their technical level is high, sophisticated technology and equipment, abundant funds, advanced management level, can continue to provide high - grade, high-quality casting products to the market, market share is high.
    If the container corner industry can achieve the above development goals and expand itself, then the container corner industry will play its vanguard and leading role in the casting industry, driving the development of the casting industry.

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