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Summary of knowledge on common problems in precision casting process
It is believed that most people now know that stainless steel precision casting, also called investment casting and wax film casting, is widely used in all kinds of castings, but a series of problems are inevitable in the casting process.
precision casting
First question:
Hammer head jammed
1. in production, the temperature is often measured to prevent the temperature of hammer head and drum from being too high;
2. choose high-quality alloy materials that do not contain impurities to prevent impurities from adhering to the hammer head.
Second question:
The shot head is stuck in the goose neck.
When the equipment is at normal temperature, try rotating the hammer head. if it cannot rotate, change the drum and take out the hammer head. If you want to quickly solve the sticking problem, the best thing is to change the material pot.
The third question:
Dozens of moulds cannot be punched when the material is being shot. it will take a few minutes before the material can continue to be shot.
See if there is any bright spot at the top of the blanking head. if the section is all gray, it indicates that the nozzle is blocked. the temperature of the nozzle can be adjusted up moderately, the time for breaking off the nozzle can be adjusted down by 0.1 to 0.2 seconds, and the cooling water of the fixed mold can be turned down slightly.
Fourth question:
It is easy to crack when casting thin-walled parts
This problem may be due to material problems or improper mold design or improper selection of process parameters. try to control the proportion of waste materials not to exceed 30 %. the mold retention time should not be too long. the wall thickness per mm should be about 3s, and the ejection delay should not be too long, generally 0.5 - 2s.
Fifth question:
The material is too hard and the cutter is easy to wear
The gem blade specially produced for hard alloy is used in proportion to the original material and does not need recycled material.
Sixth question:
Aluminum die castings have dark spots when polished
Reduce the concentration of spraying agent and switch to other spraying agents. Or lengthen the blowing time after spraying.
Seventh question:
Metal splashes during die casting
Reinstall the mold; Increase the clamping force and adjust the die casting machine to keep the movable and fixed die mounting plates parallel to each other; The support plate is added to the movable die to increase the rigidity of the sleeve plate.
Question 8:
Pattern formation after anodic oxidation of die castings
Uneven oil spraying and injection, improper high-speed switching position or high copper ion content in the oxidation tank will cause pattern problems. therefore, the oil spraying and injection can be spread evenly and not gathered locally, or the high-speed switching position can be set up to reduce the phenomenon of under - casting.
Ninth question:
Die casting die adhesive
1. check whether the mold temperature is normal and reduce the pouring temperature of alloy liquid and mold temperature moderately;
2. check whether the proportion of release agent is abnormal and try to replace the release agent.
3, debugging and polishing the surface of the spraying position, carefully polishing the nitrided mold to prevent the nitriding layer on the surface from being damaged, thus forming a situation that the polishing becomes more and more sticky;
4. improve the design structure of the pouring system to prevent the molten alloy from continuously flushing the cavity wall or core;
5, modifying the mold cooling system;
6. adjust the die casting process parameters, appropriately reduce the injection speed and shorten the two-speed stroke.
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